Lawrence Stanley Lee (1909 – 2011) was primarily a stained glass artist whose work can be found throughout Britain and around the world. There is a large concentration of his work in the Kent, Surrey and Sussex areas – close to his studio.

The Lawrence Lee Project is being carried out by his son Stephen, and me. We are visiting as many of his windows as possible and photographing them. There is also Lawrence Lee’s extensive archive to document. As we progress, we will share findings, photographs and articles arising from research. Early posts have been reproduced from my personal blog where I posted when the project began.

There is a Flickr group dedicated to the photographic collection and many of the links within posts will take you to further photographs within that group. We have been very lucky in that there are a few photographers and artists who have contributed images and knowledge to this group and to the project as a whole. A ‘contributors’ page will be added soon.

We can be contacted at lslproject@mermaidwiggle.co.uk

Paula Bailey

Lawrence Lee at the age of 100, visiting one of his stained glass windows at Pett, Sussex.
Photograph by Paula Bailey


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